Saturday, January 2, 2010

1910s-20s-30s Films On My Movie Radar

I saw many films from my 1910s-20s and 1930s lists from last year (plus scratching off Quo Vadis, Smouldering Fires, I Flunked But..., and The Scoundrel since they're not readily available), leaving quite a few slots for my now six films-to-see of this early period of feature filmmaking.

The 1910s and 20s brought us the Italian super-spectacle; the epics of Griffith; the comedies of Chaplin, Keaton, & Lloyd; the expressionist films of Germany; the prestige films of France; and the first Oscar winners. The 1930s is primarily known as Hollywood's Golden Age (from pre-code to its greatest year- 1939) however, internationally, several of the most important directors of the twentieth century made their first great films in this decade: Alfred Hitchcock (following some promising 20s films), Yasujiro Ozu, and Jean Renior, among others. Here are six films that have so-far managed to elude me from the early days of cinema, but they're on my movie radar:

The Child of Paris - 1913

Children's Faces - 1925

Chang - 1927

Charlie Chang in Shanghai - 1935

Algiers - 1938

Port of Shadows - 1938

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