Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top Ten 1910s/20s Films on My Movie Radar

I've seen more silent films that I care to admit, yet, of course, there are still some I'd like to see. Two of the most exciting releases this past year were the Abel Gance silents J'ACCUSE and LA ROUE. I watched J'ACCUSE on TCM, but didn't quite get to LA ROUE. I thereby didn't see any of the silent films-to-see on my list from last year! But, I'm switching it from silent to 10s/20s and so one slot will be open as I move I FLUNKED BUT... (1930) to the 30s list. Here are the 1910s/20s films on my movie radar:

Quo Vadis?— 1912

The Squaw Man— 1914

Hamlet— 1921

The Wildcat— 1921

La Roue— 1922

When Knighthood Was in Flower— 1922

Children's Faces— 1925

Smouldering Fires— 1925

Mother— 1926

Chang— 1927

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