Monday, February 2, 2009

Best Superbowl XLIII (2009) Ads

This year's Superbowl ads were pretty lackluster. I offer my favorite five (relative to the pack), below:

#1. AUDI: The most original and interesting concept; thought this one really worked.

#2. CAREERBUILDER.COM: Love the, "Hey Dummy."

#3. CASH4GOLD: Yes, a little sad, but I really laughed... "Goodbye old friend."

#4. HULU: Not genius, but amusing.

#5. COCA-COLA: A nice ad.

I think all the movie trailers came off well, STAR TREK perhaps the best; and for ones that were premiered (I least this is the first time I've seen it), I thought G.I. JOE came off strongest. Of the TV promos, I liked the Leno ad.

see all the Superbowl commercials at this link.

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