Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween on the Boulevard: 2009

Living in L.A. means the opportunity to take part in the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, on Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and La Cienega Boulevard. It's a good opportunity to see what's big in pop culture. My report below.

Costumes of the moment:
1. Alice in Wonderland (a TON, everywhere, particularly Mad Hatters, Alices, and March Hares)
2. Where the Wild Things Are (a LOT), some very lazy Maxes among them (paper crown, long johns)
3. Watchmen (a few, but only one Dr. Manhattan [surprisingly for Santa Monica Blvd. not nude or semi-nude, but in a suit]
4. Lady Gaga (although it’s frequently hard to tell whether or not it was meant to be her!)
5. Indiana Jones. Yup, give ‘em an inch… the (hopefully last) sequel was last year, but these guys couldn’t stop themselves….
6. Sully Sullenberger- at least one
7. Bruno- didn’t think there’d be one, but there was one guy…
8. Up! There were three guys but one guy (the first one I saw) did it amazing. This first guy had the full rainbow-colored balloons with a miniature house, and his girlfriend was dressed as the little boy. The second guy was alone with a flat cut out of the house and the full balloons. The third guy literally had THREE balloons: completely missing it (lame!)
8. Balloon boy: would have been a little better say if it it didn't turn out to be a fraud!
9. Octomom.
10. SOOOOO last year award: Joker (hang your heads in same people!)

Other costumes:
Batman Family- very cute, Dad as Batman, Mom and young daughter both as Batgirl, little boy as Robin
Ghostbusters (of course). Now there is even a sexy girl costume version
Nightmare Before Christmas- a LOT. It’s quite boring at this point
Muppets- and always in a group—SOOOOO boring at this point
Rice Crispies in a “bowl” (inflated kiddie pool)—kind of a pain to walk around
I’m sure I’ve seen it, but a guy in a red hoodie, with a small bike and milk crate with ET in it is STILL a crowd pleaser—had to smile

Sexy costume for chicks this year: Snow White (don’t know why: lots of them), bumblebees/butterflies too
Fun costume—girl as Mary Poppins (loved it)
Surprisingly no one dressed like Michael Jackson (that I saw). His music was everywhere though. (No Adam Lamberts or Susan Boyles that I saw either)
Retire it already! Award: Captain Jack Sparrow (wouldn’t you be embarrassed to wear this?)

This year: WOW a lot of tourists!

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