Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th! Time for a Classic TV Marathon

There's a lot of hours in between the BBQ and the fireworks— best spent with a little classic TV! I offer, Moonlighting Season 3. Moonlighting remains one of the relatively few classic shows that managed to get the whole run out on DVD, based on the efforts of an avid fan base. Season two remains the series best season; but the single greatest series episode, “Atomic Shakespeare,” would make its appearance in season three. Other classic episodes of season three include: “Yours, Very Deadly," "All Creatures Great... And Not So Great," the Stanley Donen musical show "Big Man on Mulberry Street," "It's A Wonderful Job," "Blonde on Blonde," "I Am Curious... Maddie," and "To Heiress Human." I’ll be revisiting Moonlighting over the next few blog entries and reviewing these episodes. Below is my ratings of each season three episode based out of **** stars. My rankings for seasons one and two are here.

MoonlightingSeason Three
24. "The Son Also Rises" (aired:09/23/86) ** 1/2
25. "The Man Who Cried Wife" (aired:09/30/86) ** 1/2
26. "Symphony in Knocked Flat" (aired:10/14/86) * 1/2
27. "Yours, Very Deadly" (aired:10/28/86) ***
28. "All Creatures Great… And Not So Great" (aired:11/11/86) ***
29. "Big Man on Mulberry Street" (aired:11/18/86) ***
30. "Atomic Shakespeare" (aired:11/25/86) ****
31. "It's A Wonderful Job" (aired: 12/16/86) ****
32. "The Straight Poop" (aired:01/06/87) **
33. "Poltergeist III— Dipesto Nothing" (airdate: 01/13/87) * 1/2
34. "Blonde on Blonde" (aired: 02/03/87) *** 1/2
35. "Sam and Dave" (aired 02/10/87) ** 1/2
36. "Maddie's Turn to Cry" (aired: 03/03/87) **
37. "I Am Curious... Maddie" (aired: 03/31/87) ***
38. "To Heiress Human" (aired: 05/05/87) ***

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