Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Movie Preview 2009

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY gives us their annual Spring Movie Preview.

With the end of awards season, it's time for One Line Review to take a three-week hiatus. I'll be back on March 22nd with more on the movies... In the meantime, below are the top five Spring movies I'm most looking forward to seeing:

FIVE on my Spring '08 List to See:

WATCHMEN: I'm starting to hear muddled things critically, but of course, who cares?--will still be there on March 6.

RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN: I'm a sucker for the trailer on this one, and although the original is a dim memory, so much so that I might have never actually seen it, has that childhood nostalgia touchstone. March 13.

SUNSHINE CLEANING: Yes, the trailer is a bit too Little Miss Sunshine-esque, but have to see this follow-up by the same team, plus I'm liking Amy Adams more and more. March 13.

ADVENTURELAND: Absolutely can't wait to see this movie! Has a timeless feel in the trailer and must appeal to all ages: those places never changed. March 27

MONSTERS VS. ALIENS: One of the many kids movies (and I rarely care) that look really fun this year. March 27.

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Jeremy said...

I suppose "Watchmen" is on my must-see list. I'm actually reading the graphic novel now for the first time and I'm quite hooked. "Race to Witch Mountain" looks like a good family film and actually looks exciting. I too am an Amy Adams fan so I'm looking forward to "Sunshine Cleaning".