Monday, March 23, 2009

Heritage Galleries March Auction Realized

Heritage Galleries' March Auction ended this weekend, resulting in the fifth-highest amount of money ever paid for a movie poster-- the $310,700 fetched for the style F Dracula(1931) one sheet.

The next biggest seller in the March auction was a tie between the 14 x 36 Freaks (1932) poster, and the Walt Disney short-subject Mad Doctor one sheet-- both of which garnered a not-too-shabby $107,550 apiece.

The Grade VF+ Citizen Kane went for $47,800; the grade VF- Casablanca went for $10,755; and a steal at $8,365 was the FN+ Lady From Shanghai.

An impressive auction for Heritage (especially considering the continued terrible state of the economy).

Here is Learn About Movie Posters compilation of top sellers of all-time.

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