Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall TV Season: 2008

Another Fall TV season has begun. The magic of getting the "Fall Preview" TV Guide has long since vanished— the source of yesteryear. But even the every-magazine-coverage media blitz, doesn't dampen the interest in seeing what Hollywood has brewed up. This year looks a bit bleak but there are a few I'm looking forward to:

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (debut: 10/3). Yes, the movie bombed, but I liked it! This will be a fun escape for 30 minutes a week. And I liked the development of the new character in the movie— Ahsoka— so I look forward to seeing her adventures.

2. Life on Mars (debut: 10/9). During pilot season this seemed like a sure-fire no go. Now that it's been picked up, I'm curious to see it. The premise: A cop from 2008 gets transported to 1973 and must fight crime using 35-year-old technology. Weird! (A remake of a UK show [of course])

3. Fringe (debuted 9/19). An X-Files-type show, that I normally don't go for, but it got a lot of press. A show by J. J. Abrams, in case you didn't know.

Of course there are several I will at least sample: My Own Worst Enemy (the Christian Slater thing), Worst Week (shit happens! So much so that I missed the premiere), 90210 (had to take a peek at this rehash), SNL: Weekend Update Thursday (the limited election version), Gary Unmarried (another single-guy show), Knight Rider (didn't see the TV movie pilot, but will check out the series in this update), Do Not Disturb (another attempt at a comedy set in a hotel), Kath & Kim (you-never-know comedy with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair), The Ex-List (girl going through her exes because a psychic... oh who cares-- that Elizabeth Reaser is kinda hot).

Plus, my regular shows:
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (debuted: 9/8)
Saturday Night Live (debuted: 9/13)
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (debuted: 9/18)-- currently my single favorite show
Boston Legal (debuted: 9/22)
Survivor: Gabon— Earth's Last Eden (debut: 9/25)
The Office (debut: 9/25)
The Amazing Race (debut: 9/28)
Family Guy (debut: 9/28)
Chuck (debut: 9/29)— although I tired of it by the end of last season
30 Rock (debut: 10/30; drat!)

And I generally try to see a few shows I never watch and/or feel a vague sense of "watch-the-premiere-at-least" loyalty to (like The Simpsons)

Sadly, don't get Showtime or HBO, so some good stuff just won't get seen (oh well).

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