Monday, September 22, 2008

The 60th Annual Emmy Awards— 2008

The Emmy Awards were a bit of a debacle this year show-wise, and they were savaged by the critics. Easily, if only Jimmy Kimmel had hosted, the show would have been a million times better. His bit with the reality show hosts was very funny and his pre-show "Barbara Walters Special" parody was brilliant. Ricky Gervais, now rumored to be in the running for Oscar host, was another of the few shining lights among presenters. Also, is it me or do Tom Selleck and Mary Tyler Moore have no impact anymore? (Was delighted to see Betty White, although her appearance made little sense despite the forced "she's been in TV 60 years too" reasoning.)

As for the awards, I have little interest and I feel there is little at stake for the Emmys. Having said that I was glad Bryan Cranston won for Breaking Bad. I've seen just a bit of it, but just like him in general. And Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey's wins, too, were justified. Another Emmy for Jeremy Piven seemed absurd but when he made that joke about the hosts (about how he could go on for 12 minutes... oh that was the opening)— all was forgiven.

30 Rock and Mad Men's series wins were a fait accompli, and probably the best way to go (although by all accounts Damages is the drama to watch).

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