Monday, June 30, 2008

June Movie Watching

I saw just four films theatrically. There were a bunch of "skip its" for me this month, including Hulk, The Happening, and The Love Guru.

First up, I saw the much-maligned You Don't Mess With the Zohan. I've seen next-to-none of Adam Sandler's films theatrically, but this seemed just weird enough to see. Although it was lengthy, the jokes that connected were evenly spread and I had a good time. I'm surprised it got so trashed by the critics. If I remember correctly, when Phillips suggested to "rent it," Roeper was mortified.

Get Smart had me sinking in my seat during its opening thirty minutes or so, but it got better as it went along and I really liked the casting. I'm not seeing a sequel here (then again there is a Pink Panther 2 coming up...). I'm glad for Steve Carell's sake that it was a hit (if it had flopped as bad as Evan Almighty he would have had a problem). By the way— Carell has one "r": looks funny when it's spelled correctly.

Kung Fu Panda and WALL-E. What can I say? I thought they were fun, nice, visually striking.... but just not that deep. I have to be honest. I so preferred last year's Ratatouille. I'm definately in the minority on this I realize (although a few friends seem to agree with me). But this is the harsh review; generally both have a lot going for them.

Watched just one thing on the tube: a 1939 Laurel & Hardy— The Flying Deuces. No great moments (a la the dance in 1935's Bonnie Scotland) but solid laughs from the boys-- a lot of fun and just an hour-or-so long.

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