Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Tragedy

I thought I'd say a few words about this.  I see a lot of movies and have spent many hours in a darkened theater being moved/ thrilled/ happy/ bored by the latest film.  When I saw The Dark Knight Rises I couldn't help but think in its opening minutes about the horror that befell the patrons at Aurora, and yet here I was watching the same movie settling in to enjoy what turned out to be a great epic film.  The experience was tainted as it will be for anyone who has a heart, and for me I felt especially so because the movies seem to be the one place where you can (and should be able to) forget your troubles and its also the place where, frequently, you can marvel at the most positive of our abilities: the creativity of the human race. And now I'll always probably think about how some innocent people lost there lives by going to the movies. People who instead should have been forgetting their troubles and enjoying themselves.

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