Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Connery Returns to the Big Screen in Animated Feature

Nice to see Sean Connery in his first feature film in seven years— the animated feature Sir Billi.  Although the comments posted by fans on You Tube (on the trailer clip) are a little harsh, I can see it being at least modestly successful.  My only issue is that Connery, just shy of 80, may not be in another movie.  This has always annoyed me about major stars... like when James Stewart chose to end his career with An American Tail 2 and Paul Newman's swan song turned out to be Cars.  Although in both of these cases (as well as the Connery movie) they were all spins on these actors personas, I think any legendary personality should at least chose some high profile supporting part to retire on.  Below, an embed of the Sir Billi trailer and Connery being interviewed about taking the part.

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